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Moving Moments, is a popular globally syndicated 60 second feature heard on well over 1,000 stations.  It's tailored to weekends where fresh programming is needed. Cindy Tang provides encouraging, inpsiration and thought-provoking content each Saturday and Sunday.  Her soothing voice and style also fill a gap in Christian radio where very few female produced syndicated short features are available.  Many stations air it as ROS during the week. 
It can be downloaded from the Moody Radio Network FTP distribution site.  A monthly tracking sheet with story descriptions is also available.    Please reach out for distribution details.   
"Moving Moments is one of the best little jewels we have in Christian radio.  I think it's the most well-crafted minute of Christian content I've ever heard."  Michael Card, singer, songwriter, musician, author.

"Cindy’s words engage the listener’s ears, mind, and then heart. She never fails to remind them that they need to do something with what they just heard. Start airing Moving Moments on your station and challenge your team go and do likewise.”  Dan Craig, Moody Radio Network Program Manager. 

"Our listeners are really enjoying Moving Moments with Cindy Tang. She is providing daily encouragement and hope to life's challenges through the power of Jesus Christ! Listeners enjoy the relevant stories shared, which remind us that God wants to be part of our daily lives, helping us in every way, and preparing us to live with Him for Eternity!"  John Geli, Ministry Director, LIfe Talk Radio Network.

"In a span of sixty seconds, Cindy and Moving Moments uplifts you, energizes you and its content is second to none!  This is the perfect motivation for your day!"  Brian Tucker, Director, Christian MIx 106. 

“We’re excited to share Moving Moments with Cindy Tang each weekend on Family Life. The encouragement that Cindy gives is exactly what so many people need to hear, and when she shares with the audience, she sounds like your best friend giving you some much needed encouragement over a cup of coffee." Dave Margalotti, Director of Radio Operations Family Life (NY/PA)  

"Moving Moments with Cindy Tang is a short feature that brings the listener closer to the Lord with planting seeds and/or watering with solid articulation of stories. These stories are only 60 seconds long but deliver inspiration and encouragement to anyone who listens. We are proud to air this feature on CSN Radio." Mike Stevens, Program Director CSN Radio Network

"We are deeply grateful for the positive impact you have on us especially our listeners. May blessings abound for you and your ministry."   Leah Navarro,  Program Director, FEBC, Philippines

“Moving Moments with Cindy Tang combines real life situations with a refreshing perspective of the goodness of God. It is inspirational and encouraging. Our listeners love it and so do I.” Joseph Reed Program Director, Singing News Radio 

"Part of our mission is to help communities discover hope, encouragement and meaning in everyday life and see lives transformed through faith in Jesus. Moving Moments fits our mission beautifully. The personal stories Cindy shares are relatable and show how God is with us and has what we need, when we need it, with whatever life brings us. Moving Moments lifts spirits and reminds us of the many ways God shows His love for us.." Dave Schneider, Program Director – Sound of Faith Broadcasting, Ontario, Canada 

 “Moving Moments With Cindy Tang is a breath of fresh air for our listeners. Cindy speaks directly to the heart, delivering hope and encouragement to whatever we are facing, concerning the real issues each and everyone of us encounter on a daily bases.” Bruce Matthews- WGRC Promotions, Lewisburg-Williamsport, PA. 

"I really enjoy the content that Cindy provides with Moving Moments.  They are thought out and engaging.  They cut through the clutter to draw the audience toward positive action.  This has become a feature that I look forward to hearing myself!"  Greg Goodman, The Tree Radio

"Cindy Tang is a gifted in communicating authentic light-hearted stories that encourage us in our faith journey.  We are blessed to share Moving Moments with 1.3 million listener sessions globally."  Ron & Mayda Maxwell, Christian Life Radio, Cape Christian Radio & Beyond Country.

“Moving Moments is a calm voice that speaks into our everyday lives.  It gives us reason to hope, reason to laugh and reason to trust God and His Word through these simple nuggets of inspiration and spiritual truths.  We've have nothing but positive feedback from our listeners."  John Yoast, Station Manager 107.5 Alive. Philadelphia suburbs. 

"Moving Moments has added a much needed dynamic to our radio programming. Cindy connects our listeners with powerful scriptural truths through real life experiences and offers practical advise on how Christian’s can live out those truths.  We’re blessed to be able to air this program."  Wayne Taylor, General Manager, Mars Hill Network - Upstate New York/Canada

“I love airing Moving Moments on our station!  It amazes me how Cindy can create such great devotional thoughts out of simple everyday life situations. Hearing them challenges me to get better at doing the same thing on the air! Robin Robinson, Station Manager 91.3 HOPE-FM Northern Florida.

"Moving Moments blends smoothly with our messaging  as we continue to encourage believers to "Love God and Love People" through our music, our teaching programs, and our set of one-minute featurettes like the ones that Cindy offers."   Ken Cummins, Missionary Radio Network. Kentucky/Tennessee. 

“They hit the mark with me and speak to my heart. I think they're excellent, clever, wise, concise–extremely well done.” Susan Loch, Owner, WYFL-AM Philadelphia suburbs 

“Moving Moments captures your attention, grabs your mind and beckons your heart in a fresh moment of moving faith.."  Jerome Douglas, PhD, Trinity Christian College Biblical Scholar


Moving Moments with Cindy Tang 
Broadcast Samples:



Mile High Pie

The Worn Out Bulldog



The Persistent Petal

The Glorious Sunset


Thanksgiving Warning!

The Gift of Peace

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