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Moving Moments, is a :60 second feature  tailored to weekends where there is a great need for fresh programming. Cindy Tang provides conversational and thought-provoking content that listeners of all ages enjoy.  Her soothing voice and style also fill a gap in Christian radio where very few female produced syndicated short features are available.
It can be downloaded from the Moody Radio Network FTP distribution site.  A monthly tracking sheet with story descriptions is also available.    Please reach out for distribution details.  
"Cindy’s words engage the listener’s ears, mind, and then heart. She never fails to remind them that they need to do something with what they just heard. Start airing Moving Moments on your station and challenge your team go and do likewise.”  Dan Craig, Moody Radio Network Program Manager. 

“Moving Moments is a calm voice that speaks into our everyday lives.  It gives us reason to hope, reason to laugh and reason to trust God and His Word through these simple nuggets of inspiration and spiritual truths.  We've have nothing but positive feedback from our listeners."  John Yoast, Station Manager 107.5 Alive. Philadelphia suburbs. 

"Moving Moments has added a much needed dynamic to our radio programming. Cindy connects our listeners with powerful scriptural truths through real life experiences and offers practical advise on how Christian’s can live out those truths.  We’re blessed to be able to air this program."  Wayne Taylor, General Manager, Mars Hill Network - Upstate New York/Canada

“I love airing Moving Moments on our station!  It amazes me how Cindy can create such great devotional thoughts out of simple everyday life situations. Hearing them challenges me to get better at doing the same thing on the air! Robin Robinson, Station Manager 91.3 HOPE-FM Northern Florida.

"Moving Moments blends smoothly with our messaging  as we continue to encourage believers to "Love God and Love People" through our music, our teaching programs, and our set of one-minute featurettes like the ones that Cindy offers."   Ken Cummins, Missionary Radio Network. Kentucky/Tennessee. 

“They hit the mark with me and speak to my heart. I think they're excellent, clever, wise, concise–extremely well done.” Susan Loch, Owner, WYFL-AM Philadelphia suburbs 

“Moving Moments captures your attention, grabs your mind and beckons your heart in a fresh moment of moving faith.."  Jerome Douglas, PhD, University of Valley Forge Biblical Scholar


Moving Moments with Cindy Tang 
Broadcast Samples:



Mile High Pie

The Worn Out Bulldog



The Persistent Petal

The Glorious Sunset


Thanksgiving Warning!

The Gift of Peace

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